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Printed Electronics:
Speed Networking & Learning

12 May 2023
Virtual Networking

Join us for a comprehensive and engaging day dedicated to networking, exploring screen printing innovations, and discussing the future of In-Mold Electronics. This event offers three distinct activities designed to expand your knowledge and foster meaningful connections:

  1. Networking: Participate in a 1.5-hour round-robin speed dating session, where you'll engage in 6-minute one-on-one video conversations with another randmoly-assigned attendee before moving on to the next person. This effective approach allows you to meet potential partners and establish lasting relationships, all in a short span of time

  2. Screen Printing Discussion: Screen printing remains the industry's indispensable tool with a wide array of applications. It has often been tagged as the technology of yesterday, however, innovations have continued, always surpassing perceived technological limitations and keeping the technology essential and relevant. 

  3. Discover the latest advancements in ink/paste formulation, finer meshes, novel laser-cut emulsions, and state-of-the-art machines. Simultaneously, explore the expanding application space and the challenges of fineline printing, of educating next generation of skilled operators, and of lowering adoption barriers for design and prototyping. 

  4. Attend insightful talks and actively engage with our panel of experts to discuss current issues and develop solutions. After all, screen printing is a team sport.  

  5. For more details, please visit here

  6. InMold Electronics: This remains one of the most promising technology frontiers, enabling mass production of 3D-shaped embedded (or structurally integrated) electronics.  As part of this one-day event, we will outline the latest developments and also the key challenges facing this technological approach. You can learn more here

Leading global speakers include: