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Learning & Networking: Solid-State Batteries & Frontier Battery Materials

28 April 2023
Virtual Networking

The agenda combines LEARNING and NETWORKING | 28 April

This short 2-hour activity is designed to bring you learning and networking on a regular basis as part of your day-to-day activities. It is part of the annual TechBlick programme for TechBlick Annual Pass Holders.


The event on 28 April 2023 will kick off with several invited insightful presentations on solid-state batteries and frontier battery materials. The speakers thus far include:

Dr. Gayatri Dadheech, CTO of Exide Energy, one of the largest battery producers in India

Dr. Andriy Kvasha,  Solid State Battery Team Leader at CIDETEC

Dr. Jun Hao Teo, Consultant at P3 automotive GmbH

Dr. Lucienne Buannic , Exponent, Considering Solid State Batteries from a safety standpoint

Speed Networking: Meaningful & High Quality Global Connections

As part of day's activities, we have designed special speed networking sessions, where you can establish meaningful, high-quality, and global connections with industry players in a time efficient manner:

  • Connect with another participant randomly

  • Hold a one-on-one 5-min video discussion

  • Introduce and exchange business details

  • Randomly connect to the next person

  • Receive a summary of your connections at the end

It is a very personal and time-effective way of networking, enabling you to make high-quality connections from the comfort of your own desk!

RESERVE your seat NOW to meet peers, partners, and customers. Spaces are limited to 75 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Leading global speakers include:

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Full Agenda

The times below is Central European Times (CET | Berlin Time).

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28 April 2023

CIDETEC Energy Storage


Solid state battery development at CIDETEC: vision and highlighted results

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Andriy Kvasha

Team Leader

Solid-state and semi-solid-state batteries (SSB) are considered as one of the most promising next generation batteries for several emerging applications, with a special focus on electromobility. Despite very intensive academic research on materials and components for SSB, their further scale up and integration in SSB prototypes is not yet considered on their design, slowing down their fully deployment in the marketplace. In this context, CIDETEC Energy Storage is focused on the development of three transversal SSB technologies: (i) lithium metal, (ii) lithium-ion, and (iii) anode-free, pursuing a holistic approach to up-scale cells at relevant sizes to industry. This presentation will cover CIDETEC´s vision on SSB R&D and discuss key findings of our development.