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The Future of Screen Printing for Printed Electronics

12 May 2023
Virtual Event Platform

About the Event

The Future of Screen Printing for Printed Electronics

TechBlick has planned a unique day focused on the future of screen printing for printed electronics. This is an important gathering since screen printing is the workhorse of the industry.

The event is focused on: Showcasing the latest | developments | Networking | Panel discussion by leading industry figures

If you are a TechBlick member and wish to attend please reserve your seat on the link below. Spaces are limited:

The outline of the agenda for the day is as follows

State-of-the-Art Talks: You will hear presentations from companies advancing the art of screen printing in some way - including material suppliers, substrate makers, mesh makers, and printers. Please see the agenda below.

Networking: There will be a unique speed dating session where you can meet the industry players. In this session, you will connect randomly with others for private 5-min video calls before connecting with the next person

Panel, Live Q&A and Interaction: This is one of the highlights of the event. The unprecedented panel has been carefully put together by Mr. Fernando Zicarrelli, bringing together world-class experts in screen printing.

During this 2-3 hour workshop, we will showcase experts in the areas of: Ink Technology | Emulsion Technology incl. newest Laser Imaging developments | Screen Printing and Auxiliary Equipment | Mesh Technology and Tooling

Each panelist will give a 10 minute overview of their expertise in the field, their current state of the art technology and future technology. This is followed by a panel discussion about the toughest challenges for the technology. The audience will have a chance to ask the panelist targeted questions related to the challenges faced in their own areas.

There will also be an open discussion about the future challenges facing the industry. The aim of the meeting is open discussion and active engagement facilitated by our experts.

Topics Covered

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Leading global speakers include: