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SMART Industry Day 2023

11 May 2023
Virtual Event Platform

About the Event

Topics Covered

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Leading global speakers include:

Full Agenda

The times below is local time at West Lafayette, IN, USA

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Customer Feedback

This TechBlick virtual platform has huge potential to grow up and have a lot of capabilities to build up a perfect ecosystem surrounding the social and technological innovative trends together with like minded people & organisations under one umbrella.

General Silicones

Very good. Your virtual conference platform is top notch!

Roche Diabetes Care Inc

Another worthwhile Techblick virtual event: excellent speakers presenting compelling content combined with terrific networking opportunities

Panasonic Electronic Materials

I am really impressed with what you put together. The breakout room works really well, almost better than in real world.

IP Group plc

The networking lounge functionality is fantastic! For me, the best I've seen so far in virtual events, the closest you can get to a real feeling


Far the best digital interaction I have experienced. Both during ‘speed dating’ and lounge sessions it was straight forward to connect with people.

Epishine AB

The event was awesome, TechBlick is a great platform.

Applied Materials

I really love the idea of the networking lounge you have! Never seen anything like it


Techblick is the success story in virtual conferencing and we are looking forward to the next event


The on-line networking/exhibition session was very similar to off-line networking/exhibition.

LG Electronics

I loved the Techblick online experience. It was really immersive and compared to other digital events it had a real trade show feel


One of the best virtual exhibit platforms I have seen so far.

Nano OPS, Inc.

TechBlick made virtual interaction real


TechBlick was a fantastic experience! Not only were the speakers excellent and the topics interesting, but also the virtual platform was easy to use and greatly facilitated our networking efforts. We look forward to participating in the next event!"

Brilliant Matters

The TechBlick event on Printed Electronics has been a true success. One of the best virtual events - that I have ever attended. Great talks and networking opportunities


Techblick is the only online event in the field of printed and hybrid electronics which gives the feeling of real live events so far.

Kundish GmbH

It was very good, topics were relevant for me. Very good fucntion to watch on demand. I still continue enjoying it.


Techblick stands out as the most convenient platform for online conferences in our field: A real way to interact online – online both, speed dating, virtual lounge, and many relevant participants. The analytics available has a great value to us as a presented and yields an excellent ROI. Moreover, it is a year-round activity that enables extra interactions and exposure


Excellent event and presentations.


The conference was very intriguing and I look forward to the next month!

Lamar Advertising

I was skeptical at how effective the online events would work but was pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective the interface was. I attended I made three relevant contacts that could be potential collaborators


It was very well organized